Get out your winter woollies

It’s official –Autumn is here! Which means that unfortunately we have to say a fond farewell to our summer dresses and make some room for cosy cardigans and pull out the winter duvet.

But storing your lovely summer clothes can be a problem – how do you protect them from dust mites, moths and other pesky insects (and if you’re storing them in the loft – damp)? Worry not, Packmate storage bags have a brilliant anti-mould protection system (called PMF) so you don’t have to stress that your favourite summer dress (or your summer lightweight duvet) will be ruined when you come to use it next year.

And don’t worry about your clothes or bedding having a funny smell – our special protection is odourless and doesn’t affect your belongings in any way.

Before you pack away your summer clothes and bedding for the winter, here’s a few things to consider:

When was the last time I wore it?

If the answer to this is over 12 months or more ago – then you need to get rid! Donate it to a charity shop, sell it on eBay or have a clothes swap party with your friends.

Can I still wear it?

Some summer clothes can work into autumn/winter. You can add a cardigan or jacket to darker shades to get extra wear out of them.

How should I store it?

Can you fold the item or does it need to hang? Packmate have a range of products that are perfect for any storage job.

Does it need washing?

Make sure that before you put your summer clothing and bedding away they are clean. This will ensure that they’re fresh and lovely when you take them out again next year (you might even want to add a sachet of lavender or rosemary to give your bedding a lovely fragrance while in storage).