It's Christmas at Home storage direct!

We’re really excited that it’s nearly Christmas and here at Home Storage Direct we have our range of Christmas storage.

Sparkling baubles, twinkly lights, tinsel, Christmas decorations – we can’t wait to get the tree up!

And this year we don’t have to worry about the Christmas decorations coming out of storage and finding half of them broken, the lights a tangled mess of wire and that beautiful wrapping paper that we saved from last year dog-eared and unusable.

If you’d like to keep your prized Christmas possessions safe all year round too, all you need is a little help from Storeasy from Packmate.

New to the range this Christmas:
Home storage direct christmas wreath storage
We know how difficult it is to store Christmas wreaths and keep them in pristine condition year after year. So we’ve designed the perfect addition to our range of Christmas storage products.

Other items in the range include:

  • Christmas ornament boxes: great for keeping your baubles safe and organised
  • Christmas light storage: keep your lights tangle free and protected from breakages
  • Wrapping paper storage cases: let bent and ripped wrapping paper become a thing of the past. You can store ribbons and bows too!

Check them out on our website now!