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Racor Multi Use Storage Hook


Brand Racor

  • Wall-mount, multi-purpose rack for storing ladders, lumber, lawn furniture and more
  • Mounting plate accepts full line of Racor Interchange storage hooks and shelves
  • Durable epoxy coating for corrosion resistance
  • Solid steel construction for optimal durability
  • Easy installation with provided hardware

Store ladders, lumber, rope, baby strollers, furniture, and more up tight against the wall with this multi-use rack from Racor. The rack is equipped with a large hook on top for supporting wider items, and a smaller hook underneath for narrower things, like rope, stroller handles, and lawn chair backs. The upper hook is perfect for holding ladder rungs tight against the wall for optimal safety. The bar fixes to Racor's innovative WallDock wall plate, which is part of a modular system of interchangeable storage options. Each WallDock accepts any of numerous storage hooks and shelves available in Racor's Interchange system, making the setup incredibly versatile for constantly changing storage needs.

Racor's modular Interchange storage system is designed for easy installation, flexibility, and seasonal access to a wide variety of items throughout the home. InterChange offers unlimited, modular possibilities for keeping tools, recreation gear and anything else right where you need it, when you need it. And as more stuff is added, it's a simple matter to reorganize and add racks by mounting them on existing or newly-installed WallDocks