Storeasy - Christmas Light Storage Set

Storeasy - Christmas Light Storage Set

  • A must have after the Christmas season, Store your Christmas lights in this Light Storage Container and keep them safe and organized, without any tangling, till next season.
  • This is the perfect way to keep your messy light strands organized, clean and dust free, as well as protected from damage and tangling, built to last year after year
  • The Christmas Lights Storage Reel Bag comes in bright red color, that makes it easy to find, even in the most packed storage rooms.
  • Designed to protect your Christmas lights from damage, dust, moisture, and tangling, For easier holiday setup and takedown.
  • The festively attired red cases provides safe and sturdy storage for your favorite holiday ware. Includes handles for easy maneuvering and transport. Dimensions: 30 x 30 x 35cm